When I was in the Philippines, I got something at the grocery store called Magic Sarap. It’s a seasoning for food. Since I’ve been trying to cook chicken for myself, I got some Magic Sarap, because “magic”!

I finally tried some last night. It was delicious! It’s so salty! Plus, it has MSG in it. The chicken was so good! The seasoning lived up to it’s name… (sarap means delicious). This seasoning is “Magically Delicious” Ha! Just like Lucky Charms. Hmmm… I wonder what Lucky Charms on chicken tastes like…

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3 Responses to Magic

  1. Lauren says:

    Well, thank you for the rabbit hole of finding out more about Magic Sarap. I read Amazon reviews and watched a three-minute, heart-tugging commercial for it where a little girl comes to accept her father’s new girlfriend after her mother dies, all due to Magic Sarap. Dang it, now I’ve got to try it.

  2. Debbie says:

    So glad you’re enjoying your chicken! Woooo tho, drink lots of water along with that salty magic! And only you would wonder about lucky charms on chicken…..i don’t think so. Unless they were crunched up on top of a chicken casserole? There’s your challenge!

  3. Stephen says:

    I wonder which is more powerful, Lucky Charms or Magical Deliciousness. If you put Magic Sarap on Lucky Charms, would they repel one another? Would they fuse into Lucky, Magical Ambrosia? My guess is, “one MSG to rule them all!” Too many rabbit holes…

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