Multiple Choice

I was off yesterday. I spent the whole day at school grading, because I’m a procrastinating idiot. Stupid, stupid Brad…

I got my papers done though, and that feels good.

The vocabulary lists and tests I use in seventh grade are based on Greek and Latin roots. This weeks words were based on “mitt” – to send. I like the book test questions, because they use the words in sentences instead of just asking the definitions. But they are flawed, because they sometimes have more than one right answer.

This week, the confusing sentence was number 8:

The book writers meant for the student to answer “admit”. When caught doing something wrong, a smart person will “admit” to authority. But “submit” works too. And, as the student above shows, “omit” is a possible answer. Omit certain details, and the “smart” person will not get in as much trouble.

Sheesh! These book writers needed to have someone read through their questions for them.

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3 Responses to Multiple Choice

  1. Lauren says:

    I nominate you for the Question Reader position! You’ll fix those dumb tests.

    I am so glad that you included examples, because I kept thinking ‘mitten’ which must mean…. to send… cold away? The test cleared it right. 😉

  2. Debbie says:

    Boy am i glad i’m done with school…..i have a softball mit?!

  3. Carol says:

    God bless the Greek ad Latin roots teachers out there! And gall dang the test question writers who apparently fail to proof their own work. Grrr…

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