Tomato Trial

One of my standard purchases at the grocery store is little tomatoes. There’s a particular brand I’ve been getting which has consistently been good. I don’t know how they do it.

Last week, I finally got a batch that had bad tomatoes in it. I was biting into enough bad ones, that I stopped eating any from that container.

I think the secret is to look at the stem spots. If they’re dark, I think that means ‘bad’.

Hopefully I’m right. I bought a new container for this week.

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2 Responses to Tomato Trial

  1. Lauren says:

    When I buy tomatoes, that’s my brand, too. It’s so handy just having tomatoes any time. I don’t know how to buy good produce, but I do smell the container to see if there is a hint of tomato smell so they’re sort of ripe.

  2. Debbie Fettig says:

    I hate tomatoes. It’s hard for me to buy them for Mark when we have BLT’s or taco night? How do you pick something you don’t like? I give them to our turtle, she loves them! I used to try them every other year or so just to see if it would ever click, to see what the hype was all about, maybe as an adult I would like them? NOPE. They taste like rotten pumpkin to me. That tomato like’n gene skipped me right on over. I think my mom and grandma used them up? They LOVED them. And yes, I love ketchup and I eat salsa…..I know, it’s complicated. I smell the potato bag when I buy potatoes……if you smell anything but dirt, DON’T get them! There’s another smell tip for ya! Bad potatoes might as well be a dead opossum in the road! I know this from experience……

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