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The Same but Different

I have a particular kind of wallet I like. It’s a small card case type wallet. It’s always been hard to find. I usually end up finding it as an insert in an larger wallet. I buy the larger wallet, then use only the card case.

My current wallet was falling apart and I’d looked at various sales and not-sales and wasn’t seeing a replacement. Then it occurred to me – I could just look online! I found it right away.

It came in the mail yesterday. I switched contents right away.


  1. Lauren

    Ahh… the satisfaction of finding just the right thing. I’m a fan of small wallets, too. Good for you for using the old one until it was worn out! It shows that you really appreciate the design. 🙂

  2. Debbie

    Yay for new organization accessories! Mark uses a fishing lure holder as his wallet! Look those up. Ha It’s a velcro closure and small like what you’re showing. I don’t even have a wallet. I use a little acordian style snap purse for all my cards and put change in the ol plastic squeeze football. I hardly have cash but when i do i put it in my little note paper holder….. which doesn’t have note paper in it? Ha hey whatever works!

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