Pianissimo Piano

I played piano for church yesterday. I play on the first and third Sundays usually. I enjoy doing it. I enjoy almost any involvement with music. I like music.

Yesterday before the prelude, the church was really quiet, so when I started playing, I was as quiet as I could possibly be. I had the soft pedal down, and was using the lightest touch possible.

After I finished playing, one of the parishioners came to the back to greet a visitor, and stopped by the piano to say I should play more softly. He was serious, but I laughed because I had played as quietly as I could.

It was even more funny, because this particular person is always telling me to play more softly. I think it’s something with his hearing aids. I do at least appreciate that he says something to me instead of just talking about it with others.

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2 Responses to Pianissimo Piano

  1. Lauren says:

    Awwww….. everybody’s a critic. I think you’re right about the hearing aids – they can mess with a person’s perception. I agree that it’s good that he talked to you. None of that gossipy talk.

    I love that you play for church! I watched Anna and Tara’s concert last night and was marveling at the musical talent in your family. So cool!

  2. Debbie says:

    How awesome that you play for church! I’m still trying to learn one hymn and get thru it without a train wreck? I love to play too tho.

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