New Year

Happy New Year! Yay for 2020!

Yesterday was a fun day.

After a relaxing morning, Lauren, Denis, and I went to Wilbur to check out a market that Lauren had been to before. It was really interesting… they had lots of ingredients packed in little plastic boxes and bags.

I saw a new kind of sugar alcohol I haven’t tried. It’s called erythritol. I was excited to get it for a taste test. Sugar alcohols are nice because they taste like real sugar, but aren’t processed by the body like sugar. Nice! This one tasted good. The only drawback is that the package says it’s only 70% as sweet as sugar. Also, eating too much sugar alcohols gives you diarrhea.

In the evening, we went to Harold and Beth’s for their annual New Year’s Eve fondue party. The fondue was amazing, as usual.

We celebrated Nova Scotia New Year’s, then East Coast New Year’s, then Nebraska New Year’s. Yay! The tv showed the ball drop in New York when it was 11 in Nebraska. We saw a different count down for New Orleans at Nebraska midnight.

I leave Nebraska tonight. I’m heading to LA for a couple of days, then I’ll be back to Maui.

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  1. Lauren says:

    It was lovely spending the last day of the year with you. Thank you for going to that little store with me (it’s actually in Milford). What an odd, fun little place!

    Happy New Year! I hope your flight is uneventful. ?

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