Back Tape

I strained my back over the weekend, so when I went to my training session yesterday, Cristina just did stretches with me. It really helped – my back felt better at the end.

She then asked if I wanted to try some tape. She knows how to apply that tape you see on athletes that is supposed to help them move better. I thought maybe it was some voodoo or something, but she said really it was just that the tape pulls on your skin and helps your body be more mindful about correct movement.

I had her put some on my back. It was interesting. It felt like I was wearing a back brace, but it wasn’t taking the weight off my back – it was just making me stand straighter. Cool.

By the end of the day, the tape didn’t feel as tight as it did in the morning, but I didn’t take it off. Cristina said I should leave it on on for three or four days.

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2 Responses to Back Tape

  1. Lauren says:

    Fascinating! It makes sense that having it on would make you think about how you stand. I hope your back feels much better today. Christina is a good person!

  2. Debbie says:

    Good thing you guys hung the mirror or you wouldn’t have been able to do your blog today?! I’ve often wondered about the tape, never have noticed that stuff in the store? Huh!, so it’s just tape? Not medicated or smelly? It makes sense to correct your body alignment. Cool! Your trainer chic has got it goin on! You are awesome to go to her and help yourself out! I love the yellow of your shorts! I need a room that color. Soooo, tape removal?? How’s that gonna go? You may need a cocktail first….(eek face)

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