Unexpected Attractions

Yesterday we slept in. It was glorious. We planned to go whale watching in the afternoon. With time on our hands, we decided to go to an antique store.

The store is in Kihei and has really cool things in it, but they are so, so expensive. I told my mom that I would look at something, think how much I would be willing to spend on it, then double that, then take that number and triple it. That would be closer to the price.

Many of the things were really cool though. I did have to take some pictures of a few things and send them to Peggy:

Peggy likes the Jim Nabors Christmas album, so when I saw him, I had to let her know. They had several things for sale. I took these pictures:

After the antique store, we went to the whale watching place, only to find I am a dunderhead and scheduled it for the wrong day. We go today.

Since we already had sunscreen on, we decided to go to an outdoor location. We headed to the lava fields south of Kihei. They’re so weird. They look like Mars.

It was late afternoon by then, so we headed to a restaurant in Wailea. It was happy hour, so we had pina coladas and appetizers. We were in an open air area, and the birds got real friendly. I was amused.

Oh, and there was an art store near the restaurant that had a piece that was supposed to look like the ocean and the sun, but I thought it looked like the Death Star.

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3 Responses to Unexpected Attractions

  1. Debbie says:

    Looks like another day of wrong planned unplanned spontaneous fun! I’m craving onion rings now…..

  2. Lauren says:

    Ahhh…. serendipity! That turned out to be a pretty splendid day after all!

    I can’t believe that you saw Jim Nabors’ stuff! What the heck is that dispenser for? Liquor? Mouthwash?

    Happy Whale Watching!

  3. Carol says:

    Random thoughts:
    #1 I totally see a Death Star in that picture, too!

    #2 That antique owner must have some crazy connections.

    #3 [Was that your server standing on your table? Not very sanitary…]

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