Contact Containers

I wear daily disposable contacts. They really help my drying, older eyes feel so much better.

The contacts come in strips, so in the morning, I’ve been having to snap off a left contact and a right contact, then put them in.

It feels like an extra step, or an inefficiency. I really just wanted to reach into a pile of already separated contacts, grab one, and put it in.

I decided to find some little containers I could use put separated contacts in. I found something suitable at Target. Then last night, I separated a bunch of strips of contacts, now my morning routing will be a little more streamlined. Nice!



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2 Responses to Contact Containers

  1. Lauren says:

    Smart! I applaud your efficiency. Really, that whole closet is very attractively organized. I like open storage, and it works best when it’s nicely arranged like yours.

  2. Debbie says:

    Yay for you to save yourself some time! I love it when a task can be altered to be faster, easier or more efficient! And yes, nice shelf organization situation!

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