For the last few weeks, my grocery store hasn’t had my Carnation breakfast drink in the size I usually buy. I like the big open container of loose powder, so I can just shake some into a glass. (because then I put too much powder in. Mmm… too much powder…) My grocery store now only sells the paper packets.

I saved my last plastic container, so now when I buy the paper packets, I cut them open and dump them into the big container.

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4 Responses to Repackaging

  1. Lauren says:

    I respect that you have a routine that you like to stick to.

    After being such a loyal consumer for so long, surely Carnation would just supply you with 55-gallon drums at this point, yes?

  2. Debbie says:

    Mmmmm too much powder…lol! I do that when i make my crown drinks… counting 1,2,3 (equals one shot) and then sometimes i say…. 4…..and a 1/2….mmmmmm. i wish they still made the carnation breakfast bars! I keep looking. MIX ON!

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