Monday Meal

Monday night is Bible study night. I don’t like to go home from school, then go back out again, so I just stay at school, then go directly to Bible study.

Bible study used to include dinner, but we combined with another group, so we just do Bible study. Yesterday, I decided to go to IHOP for dinner.

My favorite meal there is the the 2x2x2. It seems to be the perfectly balanced meal…

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2 Responses to Monday Meal

  1. Lauren says:

    Mmmmm….. that looks delicious! Bacon and eggs are the perfect combination, and it doesn’t hurt to throw pancakes in there, too. Good for you for going to Bible study, too. 🙂

    Speaking of pancakes, I’ve been using a mix that only needs water (Kruteaz), so every so often I make myself one tiny pancake to go along with the bacon & eggs. Mmmmmmm………

  2. Debbie says:

    What a lovely dinner! I’ve been craving pancakes, they always look enticing. I get two pecan pancakes whenever we go to cracker barrel. Of course syrup is half the reason for the pancakes. Do you have a cracker barrel over there? I’m thinking that would be an oddity. Yes, good for you to go to bible study.

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