Flying the Sterile Skies

My flight to LA was mostly uneventful. My wait at the Kahului airport was interesting. I washed my hands a lot. Only a few people were wearing masks. LOTS of people were touching heir face. There were a lot of hand sanitizer stations out

The airplane was really crowded. I had an aisle seat as usual. I wiped everything down. I brought junk food with me to eat, but there was a fruit and cheese box offered, and I couldn’t resist.

I did sanitize my hands. I think I was safe.

I’ll be in LA for ten days. Denis will be at work during the day. I have books and watercolor painting materials. And of course there’s always the tv and my phone. I’m in for some serious relaxation.

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2 Responses to Flying the Sterile Skies

  1. Lauren says:

    Yay for relaxation!! I can’t wait to see your watercolors. I demand one little one a day!

    (I’m quite glad for an uneventful flight, too.). 🙂

  2. Debbie says:

    Oh i’m so glad you’re settled! Watercolor! Can’t wait to see! So happy you get to relax for a while.

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