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Unpopulated Environs

My travel back to Maui was interesting.

I took an Uber to the airport. The streets were empty. The driveway of the airport was so empty. I leaned over into the front seat to take a picture.

The inside of the airport was sparsely populated. Some places had more people than others, but most looked like this:

And the airplane itself was the weirdest of all. There were a few people in first class, but only two of us in coach. Maybe about eight people total. So strange.

The flight itself was ok. I got lots of attention from the flight crew. The landing was bumpy as usual, but I’ve had worse.


  1. Lauren

    Zoinks. That is so strange. You could have done one of those photoshopped things where it looks like it’s you in every seat.

    I wish I could find it, but somewhere I saw a map comparing the difference in U.S. pollution March 2019 to March 2020. I guess driving around much less will do that.

    I am glad you are safely back home, and I hope today is a peaceful day.

  2. Debbie

    Wow, well you did your social distancing with no problem! I’m glad it was all empty, only the good germs for you! Now…. stay home! Stay healthy and enjoy your time.

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