Classroom Visit

Yesterday was the day kids came to school to get the stuff they needed to do classes at home. I went to school early to get the room ready.

It was so good to see them, even if I was shouting across the room to them so I could keep social distance protocols.

while I was at school, I checked on the trees I planted behind my classroom. They’re looking good, but I had to cut the grass and weeds around them. One of them is in the red circle below.

One of the most vigorous plants in that tangle is lilikoi vines – that is, passion fruit vines. I cut several of them back. It’s currently the flowering season. Their flowers are amazing, and the reason they have the name “passion”. There is much symbolism of Christ’s passion in them:

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3 Responses to Classroom Visit

  1. Lauren says:

    How cool that it is blooming now! Will you incorporate it into your lessons? A fellow teacher and I were talking, and she said that one of the silver linings of this craziness is that it is happening over Easter. It’s been a chance to get the salvation information to the families.

    It’s good to see your classroom, too. Did you take any furniture to use in your apartment?

    • Brad says:

      I don’t think I’ll use it in lessons, but it does seem like a good chapel message 🙂

      I have brought a lot of books and papers home, but no furniture. And actually, I’m thinking I might go to school for e-class. I have lots of supplemental materials at my fingertips there. And I work better at work than at home.

  2. Carol says:

    Thank you for sharing all about the symbols one can find in that blossom (which is gorgeous – good job, God!) I imagine, if we ever took the time, we could find symbolism in many other of God’s creations to remind us of His amazing work on our behalf. So glad someone already did that work for us with the passion flower!

    Blessed Holy Week, all…

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