Plumeria Pots

I’ve had some branches of plumeria from Andrea that I’ve been meaning to try rooting. It’s been a week since I cut them, so it was time to put them in pots.

It was good timing. It rained yesterday evening. I do still need to get a tub or something to put the pots in so they can soak in water. And they’ll have a long hard summer to survive. They’re in front of my classroom for now. It’s pretty sunny there, so I’ll probably move them out back or something.

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  1. Lauren says:

    You go, little cuttings! We believe in you!

    I did that thing where you put the end of celery in water and it ‘grows’ some more. It’s only produce one spindly root or I would try putting it in dirt. I guess that’s still possible, yes? If I kept it inside and checked on it? Can I send you this celery plant, please?

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