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First Fruit

My cherry tomato plant is covered with fruits right now, but they’ve all been green. Until yesterday.

See it? It’s right in the middle of the picture.

One of the tomatoes ripened! Woo hoo! It had a black spot on it. Boo.

I cut the black part away, and tasted it anyway. The texture was a little off, but it was delicious. It tasted like a home-grown garden tomato. Mmm…


  1. Carol

    Just like those cheery tomato plants to put the first ripe one in the dead hard-to-reach center, too, no?

    That reminds me…we were going to get tomato plants again this summer. (last two years’ products were pretty sad, but we’re not quitters!) Hmmm…

  2. Lauren

    How did I miss this?? Those tomatoes are going to be sooooo delicious! I envy your crop.

  3. Debbie

    I don’t like tomatoes.

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