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Seeing Outside

When I want to hold the curtains back to look out on my lanai, I’ve been using an elastic band thingy that came with my mail-order couch. It’s the perfect size, shape, and color.

Just recently, I discovered a way to see even more of the lanai – I hook the elastic band on the curtain rod. It allows me to see the entire lanai. More fun to watch the birds when I feed them, and more light coming into my condo. Nice!


  1. Lauren

    I applaud your ingenuity! Not only do you have a better view, but you’ve got a nice Grecian swoop going on there.

    Your lanai looks lovely!

  2. Debbie

    You need to get those curtain panels with the big holes at the top, like a shower curtain, then you can just slide them open and slide them back! I have 4 panels in the dining room and we just “slide” them over and back each day. So easy! I got mine at target.

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