Day One

Yesterday was my first day in Nebraska. First order of business: sleeping late. I didn’t sleep late-late, but it was later than usual.

Lloyd and Lauren’s neighbor was having a tree trimmed, and the tree company was grinding up the limbs. It was fun to watch for a little while.

Next, I spent a little time relaxing. Then I got word that Harold was spreading some mulch at his neighbor’s house – it was the tree grindings from Lloyd and Lauren’s neighbor. Lloyd and I went over to help spread the mulch. It was the only picture I took yesterday.

After the mulching, Lloyd and I cleaned up his grill, then got some food for dinner. I made a salad, Lauren grilled some brats. Deborah and Beth stopped by later for some drinks and conversation. It was a good day.

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2 Responses to Day One

  1. Lauren says:

    Thank you guys for all the work! It was a lovely supper and visit! 🙂

  2. Debbie says:

    How fun. I’m reading backwards but i’m glad you’re there and having a good visit. After being there last year i know what i’m missing… hoo. But sooooo happy for you! Happy 4th!

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