Computer Cleanup

I have several school-related things on my list for the summer. I brought many of them with me. Yesterday I got one of them accomplished: I cleaned off the desktop of my school laptop.

I think the desktop is the best place to put files. They are so easy to click on from there. The big drawback is that the desktop contents are stored on that computer’s physical hard drive. If something happens to the computer, the files are lost. I did pretty regular backups of the files this year, so that was good.

Still, the desktop can be pretty messy-looking by the end of the year. Here are my before and after shots:

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2 Responses to Computer Cleanup

  1. Lauren says:

    What a dramatic before and after! That looks incredible!

    I, too, store things on the desktop, and for exactly those reasons – you can see them more easily. However, most of what I save isn’t worth saving. Somebody should clean up my desktop….

  2. Carol says:

    Our laptop screen most often looks like your “before” shot for the very reason you listed – and it bugs me less due to the possibility of lost files than because I always prefer an uncluttered desk top (ahem), so when, every so often, dear husband decides to consolidate/store on flash drives/etc., I do a silent happy dance the next time I sit down at the computer. I am happy dancing for you now, too, Brad.

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