Day Lily Donation

I went to craigslist yesterday to look for free rocks because of a project Lloyd has in mind. I didn’t find free rocks, but I did find free day lilies. They would be perfect for Lloyd and Lauren’s garden.

The person was in Lincoln. I borrowed the truck to get there. Rhonda (the person’s name was Rhonda) said I should just thin out her day lily bed.

I ended up with three trash bags full of day lilies. Nice! I planted them in the front garden bed at Lloyd and Lauren’s, because day lilies have survived there already, so I know it’s a good spot. They should fill in nicely.

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  1. Lauren says:

    It flabbergasts me how you will just DO stuff for gardens. You went into a stranger’s yard, took her plants, and put them in mine. That’ some Disney-fairy-godmother-level magic to me, right there.

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