Unusual Year

It was a weird Fourth of July in Seward yesterday. Almost none of the usual things happened. No crowds of people came into town. It was so strange.

We did go to the square. It was not crowded with vendors, but there was a small farmers market in the morning.

In the afternoon, we went to Brent and Sandra’s for a small cookout. It was lovely. We relaxed, the kids lit firecrackers.

In the evening, we headed to Gerald and Michelle’s house. They have a beautiful new deck. We had some snacks and enjoyed a fireworks show in their back yard.

Lauren and I left early so we could get to bed. We were tired! Whew!

Today I start my journey back to Maui. As usual, I’ll stop in LA on my way back.

Delta #5408 Depart Omaha 3:27pm Arrive Minneapolis 4:50pm

Delta #1069 Depart Minneapolis 5:59pm Arrive LA7:55pm

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3 Responses to Unusual Year

  1. Lauren says:

    It was a 4th like the rest of the world has on a regular year. It reminded me of my childhood. I’m glad you were here for it, and I’m sad – as always – that you are leaving.

  2. Carol says:

    I had been wondering how the COVID situation would impact the July 4th festivities of the great metropolis of Seward. It particularly hit me that there would likely be no parade…no floats…no queens to wave at…but apparently you resourceful Royuks still found a way to celebrate your independence – yea for creativity! Hope you managed to use up all the explosives before flying home – he’s have more than enough our East here for the past month already (what is WITH that ANYway? Nothing else to spend that stimulus money on?!)

    Safe flight home, sir.

  3. Debbie says:

    We’ve been putting down new flooring so talk about a different 4 th from last year?! I’m so glad you got to be with your family and have fun anyway. Safe travels for you! As your mom says, God’s angels be with you! Sleep tight….. don’t let the bats bite! ?

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