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Farewell, Ficus

I have had a potted tree by my front door since I moved in to my condo. It was left by the previous owner. It was a nice plant, but it was crowding my door, and it was blocking my access to the wonderfully fragrant plumeria blossoms right by the railing.

I finally found a new home for it, and now my front door area is free and clear.

Look at these awesome flowers! I can smell them every time I enter and exit my home! Mmm…


  1. Lauren

    Yes! The Clearing Out of Things seems to bring more clarity in lots of ways. How awesome that the blossoms are right there and accessible! Dang it, Brad, why you gotta be so inspiring?

  2. Kristi

    Plumeria make me happy. When we’d visit my grandma, she’d always get plumeria for us to make our own leis. That is one of my favorite memories.

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