A Different Type

I continue to feed the birds. I just love watching them out the window. I opened a new bag of birdseed. This one has more sunflower seeds in it.

I noticed more house finches coming. I think they like sunflowers. I’m glad. I like the finches. They’re small and happy-looking.

Then yesterday, I saw something new – a cardinal! Wow! I’ve seen cardinals here on Maui before, but never on my lanai. I always wondered why I didn’t see them. Now I know… they want sunflower seeds!

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2 Responses to A Different Type

  1. Lauren says:

    Best nature show ever!

  2. Carol says:

    Yes, cardinals enjoy sunflower seeds – black oil if you can get it. Or, if you have a holly bush rife with berries, they’ll linger there too. Our pair (Mr & Mrs) hop about on the shrubbery (hmm…shrubbery…why am I picturing Monty Python now?) and chirp at me on our deck when I go out there after dinner to read. They are great company. House wrens, finches, the whole flock are a delight.

    Enjoy those avian friends!

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