New Case

After my quarantine was over and I was heading home from school, I stopped at TJMaxx to look around. I like shopping. I get to people-watch in an air-conditioned environment. Also, I like looking at stuff.

This time, I looked at suitcases. This past trip was hard on it. It got honey in it when TSA didn’t close the jar after an inspection (which I could do something about ), and it got a broken foot (which couldn’t do anything about).

Suitcases were on sale! Like, super on sale. I decided I’d get a replacement. I couldn’t find a suitcase the same size as my old one, so it was either smaller or bigger. I went with bigger. When I travel, my usual problem with a suitcase is not area, but weight. Even so, it seemed that having too much space would be better than not having enough.

I’ll keep the old suitcase for a spare or for snow sledding or something.

You can see the broken foot on the old one. It’s at the bottom left.
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3 Responses to New Case

  1. Lauren says:

    Hooray for a bargain! I like the color of this new one – very stylish. When you’re not sledding with the old one, it can hold your off-season clothing. 😉

  2. Carol says:

    …and Hurricane Douglas? Inquiring minds need to know! Our weather people made it still sound terribleawfuldestructive, but what do they know from a bazilion miles east?! I imagine if you had the where with all to go suitcase shopping, you fared alright…?

    • Brad says:

      Hehe… I updated yesterday’s post, but I forgot to mention it here. Douglas turned a little and completely missed us. No wind at all in Kihei, where I live. Only a light soaking for the ground, which was good. We needed rain. Other parts of the island got heavier rains, but I haven’t heard of any damages.

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