Soft Seeds

Yesterday while I was at school, Cheryl stopped by. She’s a friend from church who likes gardening. She heard about my plumeria cuttings, and came to ask if I was interested in some tree seedlings from trees in her yard. Specifically, she has allspice seedlings, and mgambo seedlings. In Hawaii, mgambo trees are called weleweka trees.

She brought a cutting from the allspice tree. When you crush the leaves, they smell so good! I tried planting the cutting, but cuttings usually die, so I don’t have great expectations for it. I’m glad she has seedlings.

Cheryl brought the pods and seeds from the weleweka. The pods are a gorgeous pinkish-red color! And the surface of the seeds is velvety. They feel like a teddy bear! The seeds are often used for leis.

She let me keep the seeds she brought, so I planted some of them. Maybe I’ll have a whole bunch of trees! Woo hoo! A forest of mgambos!

But even if the seeds don’t grow, Cheryl said she already has seedlings. I’ll plant them at school. Yay!

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3 Responses to Soft Seeds

  1. Lauren says:

    What a cool gift! Cheryl sounds awesome! :

    You can put seeds on leis? Does that mean that the seed is soft enough to push a needle into it? That sounds interesting……

    • Brad says:

      Most seeds that are used for leis are hard. The soft seeds rot. Weleweka seeds are particularly hard. Cheryl uses a drill press to drill holes in them. If you google “weleweka lei”, you’ll see what they look like. She brought a completed one with her. It was beautiful.

  2. Carol says:

    I did (Google that) and they are (beautiful)! You are truly living in an agrarian/gardener’s/plant-lover’s paradise, aren’t you?

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