Postal Plants

During quarantine, I ordered some plants. Logee’s, one of my favorite mail-order places, uses USPS priority mail to ship things, so shipping is just normal price. Woo hoo!

I ordered patchouli. I like how it smells, in spite of it’s free-wheeling sixties associations.

I also ordered a kind of flowering olive bush. I had a relative of this bush in my back yard in Baltimore. The scent was powerful and amazing! I’m hoping this will smell as good.

Olive on the left, patchouli on the right.

As an added treat, I need new pots to hold these plants. Yay! I love shopping for pots! I will take my time and find exactly the right ones!

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  1. Lauren says:

    Nice! I’m sure they will do very well with you. 🙂 Are these outdoor plants? Is there room on the lanai?

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