Fixing an Old Mistake

I got a note from the condo association that I should remove the hose reel that is attached to the wall next to my lanai. They said it should be removed, the screw holes filled with wood putty, and the paint touched up with paint that the maintenance department could give to me if I made a request at the office.

I was a little confused as to why I would need to remove something that has been there for such a long time already; it was installed by the previous owner. I’m a rule-follower though, so I did it.

The new paint doesn’t quite look like the old, but there is a LOT of dust on the old paint, so maybe with time, the new paint will be just as dirty.

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2 Responses to Fixing an Old Mistake

  1. Lauren says:

    What? That seems crazy. Is that your hose? That seemed to be just fine where it was. Will you get a quick-connect system or something?

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