The Elusive Mosaic

When I went to visit an upcountry garden center about a year ago, I saw a water plant called a mosaic plant. It was amazing. I didn’t buy it, and have regretted it ever since. Since then, I’ve looked and looked, and haven’t seen it anywhere. Until yesterday.

I went to the pet store to get some water conditioner for my aquarium, and while I was there I saw a couple bundles of mosaic plant stems for sale. I bought them both.

Since they grow in water, I had to get a shallow, non-draining pot for them. Since I have no aquatic soil, I had to use potting mix, which meant getting some gravel to weigh it down (potting mix floats).

The plants look kind of scraggly, but hopefully they will soon fill out. I’m so excited!

Before water:

After water:

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3 Responses to The Elusive Mosaic

  1. Deborah says:

    That’s exciting! I’ve never tried to grow aquatic plants. I may have to try that.

  2. Lauren says:

    What a fascinating way to grown them! You may call that scraggly, but it’s actually pretty beautiful!

  3. Kristi says:

    So, essentially, I cannot kill this plant by overwatering it. I would definitely know when it needs water. I must look into this some more!!!

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