Smiley Stella

Josh and his family had me over for dinner last night as a thank-you for dog sitting. Josh made steak. It was delicious! So were the sides! Mmmm…. I ate until I was stuffed.

I tried to do a “portrait mode” picture, so the steak ended up being blurry

Stella was COMPLETELY different. She was wagging her tail and coming up to me and pushing against me so I would pet her. She sniffed and licked and bounded. Wow! She must’ve just really been nervous about me being there alone and un-introduced. But once she saw I was ok with the family, she was ok with me.

It was so fun to see the real Stella

I didn’t get a very good picture because I had to sneak it. She doesn’t like my phone pointing at her. She growls and runs away.
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  1. Lauren says:

    Awwww…… I am glad that you both got to know each other as friends. ?

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