Yesterday in Pictures

I took four pictures yesterday.

In the morning, there was a small, but intense piece of rainbow next to school. I tried to take a picture of it, but it didn’t look as good as real life:

On my way home from school, I stopped at the aquarium store. They had gold barbs. I was afraid they would be gone if I waited for another day to buy them, so I got them, then had to go back to school to put them in the tank:

I stopped at the grocery store for bread. While I was there, I saw some flower bouquets that were fall-themed. My co-worker Chloe was just talking about how she likes October and autumn, so I sent her a picture. I also bought one. Yay!

After the grocery store, I went to the Thai restaurant. They make these little empanada things that are delicious! I had to take a picture of them:


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2 Responses to Yesterday in Pictures

  1. Lauren says:

    What a glorious photo story! That rainbow looks like a magical bridge – I can see why that is a thing! Those flowers crack me up – they’re on Maui! Perpetual summer-land is having a taste of fall! Also, the texture on those empanada things is intriguing……

  2. L.T. says:

    The rainbow would make a nice wall hanging blown up if you cropped the housetop out. Beautiful! I have the same problem with rainbows and cameras too. I wonder if there is a special lens to help with that?

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