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Pigeon Pal

When I got home yesterday, the white pigeon I see all the time was standing in the parking lot. I see it all the time, and I have started to look for it whenever I’m outside of my place. I should name it.


  1. Lauren

    PLP? Parking Lot Pigeon? No, it doesn’t flow. Palopi? Whipalopi. White Parking Lot Pigeon. There you go.

  2. L.T.

    How bout Paloma. It is spanish for white dove. He isn’t a dove but they are kind of related in a way. I read doves and pidgeons are the same but some are smaller but not always. Don’t know how accurate the article was.

    • Brad

      Hi L.T. Thanks for commenting. I just learned that about pigeons and doves myself. How did I go fifty years without knowing that?

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