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Sanitizer Scents

I do not care for scented hand sanitizer. The fragrance seems to linger on my hands all day. If I eat something, my hand comes near my nose, and my food tastes like perfume. It’s unpleasant.

It’s been surprisingly hard to find a hand sanitizer that is fragrance-free. I’ve bought a few that seemed like they had no scent, but as soon as I used it… POW! Perfume punch to my face!

My favorite sanitizer is Purell, but I haven’t seen that since before the Bad Times. But I have found a substitute. I’m not wild about the texture – it has moisturizers, so it’s first slimy, then sticky. But it has no fragrance. Plus, it’s at Walmart, so it’s cheap and accessible. Nice.

Maybe someday I will see Purell again, but this will do for now.

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  1. Lauren

    Yeah, the scent is too much. I don’t use hand sanitizer very often, and the stuff we have at school for people to use at the doors is the liquid spray, which is just rubbing alcohol with some……. more rubbing alcohol?…. in it. Honestly, I keep a little spray bottle of rubbing alcohol in my truck, but that’s from the Lice Scare times.

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