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Finding a Use for It

On the second Sunday of each month, my church does a food collection for a food bank that another church administers. I gave up Carnation breakfast drink about two months ago, but I still had a lot of the mix in my pantry. I could take it to church! Surely someone coming to the food bank could use them!

Yesterday was the second Sunday, and I forgot to take the mix. D’oh! But then I found out that the food bank person doesn’t come until 9am today. I left the mix in a bag by the door last night so I would remember to bring it.

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  1. Lauren

    Hooray! That is helping people in lots of ways, including you!

    That ‘putting things by the door’ trick is golden. I think they should make doors with little shelves on them for instances such as this. (Also a light, for times like now when it’s dark when I leave, otherwise there is tripping.)

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