Un-cut Cable

I haven’t watched cable for a long time… maybe three or four weeks? I never thought that would’ve happened. I always said that I liked flipping through channels to find some random Harry Potter movie playing. I also said I liked commercials.

So it seems that I don’t miss either of those things.

Basic cable is part of my condo fees, but I pay a little for some extra channels… most notably BBC America, which carries Doctor Who. But guess what? I haven’t seen any episodes from the latest season of Doctor Who. And I don’t seem to miss it. Weird.

Maybe I’ll stop paying extra for the extra channels…

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  1. Lauren says:

    It is surprisingly easy to give that up. If you already have basic cable, then your napping needs are met. (Falling asleep to something that’s just playing? That’s what I miss. Now I just start up YouTube and it keeps playing videos.)

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