Dark and Hot

My new normal is to go to school on Saturday to grade papers and write scores on paper, then to go on Sunday before church and enter everything into the computer. It means being at school every day of the week, but Saturday and Sunday are both short days, instead of doing one long day on Sunday.

Yesterday when I got to school, I had just arrived and sat down at my desk, when the electricity went off. I decided I’d play on my phone a little bit while I waited for it to come back on. It didn’t come back on.

After an hour, I decided I’d better get to work. I opened the door and graded by natural light. It was hot though. It felt like I was grading in a sauna.

I hope this morning the power is back. I’ll enjoy the air conditioning for sure!

When I left school, I saw why the power was out. They were working on the lines.

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3 Responses to Dark and Hot

  1. Lauren says:

    Ugh. Good for you for sticking with it. I hope the power is back on today, too! If not, can you dig a basement? Those are usually cooler.

    Also, there is a boat interior in this shot! Ha!

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