Dang and Yay

When I pulled my truck out of its parking spot yesterday in the dark of the morning, I had a flat tire. Dang. I put on the spare, but it needed air. Dang. The first two gas stations I went to had broken air pumps. Dang. I missed my exercise appointment. Dang.

An alignment problem caused the tire to wear through.

I was able to take my truck in to a tire place in the morning because my students had PE. Yay! I got two new tires and an alignment. Yay! I had the money to pay for it! Yay! My truck runs as smooth as a baby’s bottom on the highway. Yay! Wait… that might not be how that idiom is used…

I also found out that the kitchen tile I ordered came in a week early and $128 cheaper on the shipping cost. Yay!

It was a pretty good day.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Well, that took a bright turn!! I’m so glad that it ended well, and that your new tires should last a long time. I’m also glad it didn’t result in a blowout when you were driving.

    Hooray for the tile coming in!!

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