Dead Plants and Rotting Meat

I have a couple of pots on my lanai that I put bedding plants in – that is, plants with pretty flowers that are covered with blooms for a while, then get tired. When they tire out, I replace them.

My newest acquisition was some dahlias. I was excited, because I haven’t tried them here yet.

I think I will call this a failure. They have all suddenly died.

In other news, my starfish flower is blooming. It’s a succulent that has giant blooms that smell and look like rotting meat, because its pollinators are flies… and ants, apparently. The flower was covered with them.

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One Response to Dead Plants and Rotting Meat

  1. Lauren says:

    I’m sorry about your dahlias. Maybe your terrifying Little Shop of Horrors plant frightened them so much they just gave up the ghost. 😉

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