Don’t Touch

I needed to replace the caulk on my bathtub. Finding the right color was difficult because my grout is not white. As it turns out, the color I needed was “bone”.

Putting the caulk on was awful. I can’t just let it be… I have to keep messing with it. I put some on, then wiped it off, then tried again, then wiped it off, then went to the store for some smoothing tools.

The internet said to use tape, so I did:

The finished caulk looked beautiful! And then I messed with it.

The joints themselves still look great. I just got some extra caulk on the walls and tub that I’ll have to clean up now.

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  1. Lauren says:

    I had no idea that caulk even came in colors other than white and clear. Where did you find it? That looks like a heckuva job to do with the tape, so kudos to you for doing it! Remember, looks are extra. The function is the important part, right? (Please say ‘right’. Much of my work ethic depends on that.)

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