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Magical Mealys

The plants on my lanai are constantly under attack from mealy bugs. They’re small fuzzy white bugs that suck the juice out of the stems and leaves. I spray them with soapy water and they die, but they keep coming back again.

While I was out walking, I noticed that there are mealy bugs on nearly every shrub and tree in my condo complex. I don’t think my fight against them will end any time soon.

There is one thing I can sort of be interested about… The female mealy bugs sit on the leaves and suck juice and lay eggs. The male mealy bugs are small mothlike bugs that fly around the plants looking for females. In the mornings, the plumeria tree outside my door is swarming with male mealybugs. They look like small fairies, flitting around the fragrant flowers and bug-infested leaves. It’s almost magical.

Can you see them? They’re there…

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  1. Lauren

    *sigh* Even your infestations are lovely. Dang paradise….

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