Honey? I don’t think so.

When I was going to carve pumpkins with Steven and Chloe, I couldn’t find a pumpkin, so I bought a honeydew melon. I didn’t end up using it, and it’s just been sitting in my fridge. Last night I finally cut it.

I don’t know why honeydew melons continue to be grown and sold. They are awful. They are flavorless chunks of nothing. Yuck. Why?

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2 Responses to Honey? I don’t think so.

  1. Lauren says:

    Crunchy water. Bleh.

    I have to think that home-grown/farm-grown melons are better. I know my dad grew cantaloupe, and they had much more flavor that melons from the store. (I’m not a big fan of them, though. Same with honeydew.)

  2. Elaine Royuk says:

    I do hope some day you can taste a good one! They are indeed sweet as honey. Your grandpa Hummel use to grow the sweetest.

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