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Pitiful Plants

It’s Friday the Thirteenth! Muah… ha… haaaaa!

My mainland friends are telling me it’s getting cold. It’s still hot here. In fact, it’s been hotter than normal. I’d love some cool weather. I guess “the grass is always greener…”, huh?

One unusual weather thing that has been happening here the last couple of days is really strong wind. I don’t see it as much in Kahului, but in Kihei it’s been really strong. My lanai plants are really beat up. My taro and caladium are really sad-looking. I think they’ll be ok, but they’ll look bad for a while.

It’s a shame because the taro was looking really spectacular.

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  1. Lauren

    You did it. You made me feel sad for plants, poor little guys. Knock it off, wind!

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