Strange Sales

After working a little at school yesterday, I stopped at Home Depot. I saw air conditioners and space heaters right next to each other, and almost took a picture. It’s still hot during the day and I’m running my air conditioner. But upcountry is cold at night, and space heaters are useful.

Then I saw something even weirder being sold here in Maui:


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2 Responses to Strange Sales

  1. Lauren says:

    Ha! That is hilarious! It’s probably organic – that’s why it sells. ?

  2. Carol says:

    I would say “for all the tourists who shop while in town, of course!”…….but, then….”What tourists?”

    BTW, contrats, Hawaii, on being the only state that seems to be able to wrangle the corona virus to manageable levels these days. (Our positivity rate is double what it was just a few weeks ago…and we’re basically conformists over here.)

    Stay healthy, everyone!

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