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Choir Plans

For Christmas each year, our school has done a Christmas musical. That isn’t happening this year because of covid19. Instead, we’re going to do a recorded lessons-and-carols service. The eighth graders will read the Christmas story from the Bible, and each class will sing a carol.

We’re going to record all the pieces, and our preschool director Lihau is going to patch it all together with recordings of the preschoolers doing a Christmas pageant with costumes. It should be really fun.

I asked the faculty if anyone was interested in singing and SATB choir piece, and I got enough people to do it! Woo hoo! We’re going to sing a Christmas favorite of my family: To Thee My Heart I Offer.

I recorded the parts on the piano on Saturday, and yesterday I handed out the music. I’m so excited! It’s been a while since I sang choir music.


  1. Lauren

    Hooray for the choir! I am unfamiliar with that hymn, so we’ll expect a recording, ok? 🙂

  2. Carol

    Cool! I do miss mass singing as well – hope this fills the bill for everyone.

    Fun fact: a Wed. evening Bible Study in which I have been participating always begins with the singing of a hymn to suit the Psalm we are to look at. If we leave our mics open and all sing from our homes, we get a horrific staggered cacophony – so one person is chosen to sing for us while the rest of us mute and sing from our homes. (I get to sing alto and nobody but I hears it but the harmony is really neat.)
    It’s as good a compromise as we can do under current conditions, I guess…

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