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A Note of Thanks

I walk past the preschool building on the way to and from my modular classroom on the edge of our campus. Yesterday as I was on my way to my room, Desi (one of the preschool teachers) called me over.

She said she is trying to get the preschoolers to think beyond themselves by helping them write notes of appreciation to people. They know who I am because I do the the actions for the chapel songs. Here is the note they dictated to her:

She said she hoped it made me smile. It did. A lot. It also made me get teary. It’s so very sweet. The list of foods at the end are things I eat for dinner all the time. They were so dead on. I texted Desi to tell her the only thing the list was missing was hard boiled eggs. She texted back to say that someone did say eggs! Ha! But they were running out of room.

Thank you, preschoolers (and Desi)! You made my day… no, my WEEK! 🙂


  1. Lauren

    Well, dang, now I’m a little teary, too. Nice work, Mr. Royuk! I wish I could see you do the actions at chapel, too!

  2. Deborah Gebhardt

    How kind!
    I like rice and spam, too. Delicious!

  3. Kristi

    Awww. Desi is doing a great job of teaching her kids to notice the kindness of others.

    You’re awesome, Brad!!!

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