Rug and Rain

My living room rug has gotten kind of dirty since I got it. I don’t know why… I always take my shoes off when I come inside. Maybe it’s just the black/brown dust that settles all over everything in Kihei.

I didn’t know how I was going to clean it, then someone suggested I take it to the self-serve car wash and spray it down with the soapy water gun. Excellent! Here’s a “before”. I didn’t take an “after”, because it was cold and rainy

I saw a lot of dirt come out of it while I was spraying it, so I think I did clean it. When I got home, I draped it over my truck bed to dry. And then it rained. A lot. It’s still raining, and will probably keep raining for a while. It hasn’t rained much in months, and now that I want to dry a rug, it won’t stop. Dang. It’s on my lanai for now…

In other rug news, I got a new rug for my guest room. I love it! And it was so cheap. Nice!

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  1. Lauren says:

    I am sorry about your ironic rain, and I hope your rug dries soon. The new one I lovely! Where did you get it?

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