A New Camp

In past years, I’ve gone with the fifth grade on their outdoor-education trip to the north side of the island toward Hana and stayed at a YMCA camp. This year, we couldn’t do that because of covid. Instead, we went to a camp on the northwest side of the island. This camp is run by the Boy Scouts. It’s called Maluhia. It’s so cool!

On the first day, we went for a hike. The view was outstanding.

The camp has many beautiful (and old) plantings. There was a jackfruit tree. It was so cool to see the fruits hanging off the trunk!

There was also a section of GIANT bamboo. I could not capture it in pictures. Here is my best picture of it. It’s in the background of this picture, but the kids are there for scale.

The sound of the bamboo was surprising and amazing. The wind made it creak and pop. I could have stood there forever. Here’s a short video:

Unlike the other campground, this one had a pool. On the second day (yesterday), we went swimming. The view was amazing. There’s a waterfall on that cliff in the background!

This experience was really fun. It’s hard to compare the two places, because they are so different. We couldn’t stay overnight at this one, because of covid regulations. But maybe we’ll be back next year…

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  1. Lauren says:

    That bamboo does not seem safe. Someone needs to call a repair guy…….

    What a delightful diversion! I am jealous of the outdoor fun!

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