Exciting Plants

On Sunday, my mom and I went to the Sacred Garden, where a friend works. She had already left for the day, but we looked around anyway. It was super cool that they had a blooming jade vine!

It was even more cool that the offered mosaic plants for sale. Yay! I’ve been looking for these for a long time. I had found some a while back, but they didn’t survive, because I had to bring them inside for a while, and they starved for light.

I got some new ones on Sunday, and put them in my water bowl. Over the last couple of days, they have settled in. I think they’re going to make it!

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  1. Lauren says:

    Y’know, how hard would it be to set up a ladder on your lanai and start putting garden plants up on the roof? It would provide shade for the building, so I don’t think your homeowner people could get mad. More plants!

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