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Last Day Activities

Yesterday was a full day with my mom. It was fun. In the morning we went to Wailuku for breakfast. I didn’t take a picture. Then we stopped to say hi to Gabi. Her great-granddaughter was there. She’s two years old and incredibly cute. I didn’t take a picture. Then we stopped at the Maui Tropical Plantation. I didn’t take a picture. Then we went to the lookout stop on the way to Lahaina to watch for whales. I didn’t take a picture.

Leaving from the lookout, I turned off on one of the many dirt roads that lead off of the highway. I’ve always wanted to see what one of those places looked like. The one we turned on was mostly nothing, but it did have a light house. I took a picture!

We then went home an hung out. It was nice. I have a picture, but it’s an accidental one from when we were both browsing our phones out on the lanai.

We had carryout from Paia Fish Market for dinner, and watched a few episodes of Wheel of Fortune before I dropped her at the airport.

It was so good to have her visit, and I’m so glad she stayed some extra days. It looks like the worst of the cold will be over when she gets back.


  1. Debbie

    Good thing for accidental pictures or we would have to wonder…. did the day really happen? Lol i’m sooooo glad you got to have time with your mom. What an awesome deposit for your memory bank!

  2. Lauren

    Ahhhhhh……. a perfect day to end the vacation.

    It’s not horrible here. The high will be 34 and there will be a little new snow. Your mom will bring the sunshine, though. 🙂

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