Unwilling Participant

Beware the Ides of March! (especially if your name is Caesar)

After church yesterday, I worked at school for a little while. When I was done, I stopped by Home Depot to get some washers for the sink in my classroom. The faucet is loose, and I think if I put more washers under the tightening nut, it will hold still better.

I was hungry, so I stopped at the salad place across from Target. I ate something kind of healthy for lunch! Yay!

I sat outside, but it wasn’t an entirely pleasant experience. I had to listen to one half of a phone conversation as a woman talked very loudly from her open car window. Much of the conversation was in poor taste. She spoke frequently of urination for some reason. She spoke of urinating in a kayak while she sat in it, taking pictures of her friend urinating on a rock…

I wish I could have turned off my ears. Maybe someday when my hearing loss is worse, I’ll just be able to switch off my hearing aids…

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  1. Lauren says:

    What a terrible lunchtime conversation! The part of me that wishes I could be funny in certain situations (without any consequences) wonders what would have happened if you could have moved the table and chair closer to her car and “It’s so I can hear you better. I’m a urologist and I’m concerned.”

    Scratch that. With her fascination, she wouldn’t have been ashamed – she would have loved it.

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