Good-bye, Glasses

My drinking glasses have stems at the bottom. It is fun and fancy.

But it is also maddening. The inside of the glass tapers down to a point, and no matter how much I rinse the glasses after using them, there always seems to be some beverage remnant, which dries to a frustratingly difficult dot of residue that I must scrape and scrape when washing dishes.

Yesterday I was in Ross, and saw some glasses and decided to get them. Eight bucks for ten glasses! That’s like, er, twenty-five cents a glass, right? Cool! I have new, easy-to-clean glasses!

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  1. Lauren says:

    Beautiful! I would say that your new glasses are just as fancy as the old, and far more user-friendly.

    My glasses are showing their age. They’re all worn around the tops where my sandpaper lips have done some damage over the years.

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